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Experience a Health + Life Program that is invested in your success and wellbeing.

Reclamation & Transformation

Stop feeling frustrated with your body, confused about your health, and stressed about how to feel good. Reclamation & Transformation health and life coaching programs by Hayes Girl Health is a proprietary wellness approach that allows you to come home to your body and feel more confident in it than ever before.

 Genetics, hormones, stress & gut health all play a role in impacting your weight.  Hell, even restrictive diets can cause you to regain more weight after you stop, while harsh exercise programs can cause permanent body damage.

There has to be a better way, right?


Hayes Gril Health is wellness specifically for women who have had enough with trying to become something or someone that only makes them feel worse inside.  It is a program designed for women who want lasting results. Not quick fixes that don't really fix anything. 
At Hayes Girl Health life and health coaching for women, we begin with the cold hard facts of biology, use powerful modern science, and a dose of mystic magic. You see, our program will teach you the magic of unlocking intuition and how to pick up on your unique signals of health. You'll get the tools on how to reprogram your mind and body to work together in perfect holistic health. 
At the end of our HGH program, you'll walk away with trust. A deep, knowing trust found deep within yourself that your mind and body will support you. 

Are you a perfect fit for the Hayes Girl Health Reclamation and Transformation Program?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to lose that extra weight?

  • Have you done diet after diet with no lasting change?

  • Do you yearn to have body confidence and food freedom?

  • Are you ready to let go of the diet culture and punishing workouts?

  • Do you feel "stressed" on a daily basis and not even sure why?

Did you just answer 'Yes!' to any of these questions?  Consider this your sign, girl.

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It is time to choose you. 


Your health and wellness should and can be your top priority without sacrificing the good life.

Curated Wellness

As a Hayes Girl Health member, you gain access to a wealth of information and proven techniques using Angie Hayes' 17 years in the health field as an RN, BSN, and Certified Fitness Instructor. 

Eat Intuitively

You won't find restrictions or harsh diets here.  You'll get the tools to decode food signals from your body and mind. 

Hormonal Balance

Unfortunately,  unbalanced hormones can cause you to gain weight.  We go in deep to uncover, repair, and balance your hormones.

Mindful Movements

Health at every size begins with active participation in gentle movements designed for results.

Gut Health

A crucial part of your lasting health, you'll reset and nurture your gut bacteria with our powerful science-backed program.


Stop stress and anxiety from feeding into poor health. Learn vital steps to manage triggers that impact your goals. 

Weight Management

You'll get lasting freedom from weight gain with layered support that strenghtens your metabolism. 

Wellness Program -Support

When I spoke to Angie for the first time, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I had been feeling that way for more than a year. I was miserable and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  I have always been a positive person and lost my zest for life.  Angie suggested a program she thought would help and contacted me within a couple of weeks. Angie made it easy to open up about myself and admit the things I wanted to improve in my life. She instantly made me comfortable to share my fears and insecurities. 

Together we put a plan into action focusing on my life improvement goals. She is an excellent listener and motivator. Her coaching has given me new tools and motivation to accomplish my life goals.  She is phenomenal at what she does.  I look forward to our weekly conversations.  I can't thank Angie enough for helping me improve my life!  

 - Kathy


Success Testimonial

Join the Transformation Today

Three Levels of Support Customized for your Needs.

You'll start with a secure and solid foundation that's layered as the week's progress to help you find a balance that works just for you. This is not a cookie-cutter program. For true change to take place you have to expose truths and remove your own scripts that are blocking your journey from moving forward. 

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Client testimonials

"I am 43 years old and have had a complicated relationship with food for years. I tried every fad diet under the sun and they would only fulfill me for so long and then I would end up back on the roller coaster of weight loss and gain. It has been a continual struggle usually ending with me feeling worse about myself and binging on fast food to make me feel better. After taking the Angie Hayes program, my relationship with food has vastly improved. I look at food in a very different way, paying attention to what I am actually putting in my body.  Angie speaks with conviction, knowledge, and honesty. She made me feel safe in opening up about the less than satisfactory health habits I was dealing with. She also helped me to explore where these habits came from. Everyone can benefit from this work and from Angie's unending support.  Hayes Girl Health has helped me tremendously and I will continue to learn from Angie Hayes' program as I grow and discover more and more ways to fuel my body, mind, and soul."

- Alicia



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