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SLEEP TIPS for the Boss Babe

Ladies, one of the things we just cannot ignore in our health journey is the amount of Beauty Sleep we are getting each night.

It is impossible to maintain health without healthy sleep patterns.

Lack of sleep is one of the most complained about symptoms in women ages 30-50.

Much of this can be attributed to our lifestyles and the demands placed on us in our day to day lives, however sometimes insomnia has to do with hormonal or gut imbalance or general dis-ease in the body. There is also the matter of stress and stress resilience to consider. Question to ponder: Do you have a specific wind down ritual for your evenings?

Whatever is keeping you up at night, I have compiled a small list of tips to help you start to prioritize your Beauty Sleep.

10 tips to kick start your Beauty Sleep:

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

  2. No screens (TV, iPad, cell phone) for 1 hour before bed

  3. Avoid caffeine after noon

  4. Avoid alcohol at least 2 hrs. before bedtime

  5. Declutter your bedroom and make it a peaceful oasis

  6. Create total darkness in your room at night

  7. Get at least 15 minutes outside every day, preferably in the sunshine

  8. Avoid eating 2 hrs. before bedtime

  9. Journal to dump out the worries of your mind before bed

  10. Read a book that is light, as to not overstimulate the mind

Bonus TIP:

  • Do your research on the sleeping meds you are taking to assist you in falling asleep. For instance, research shows the most effective dose of Melatonin, a hormone you naturally make to help you signal your brain that it is time to sleep, is 0.3-0.5mg. The doses on the shelves are often 10 times that much. Overdoing it with some of these sleep aides actually does the opposite for your sleep cycle, which encourages you to buy even more but certainly does not "fix" your sleep problems.

Take control of your health and your sleep with assistance from a coach!

If any of this resonated with you and you are struggling with falling and staying asleep at night, please first, try these tips.

If you still have questions and you want to talk more about some of the above and all the other tips I have utilized with clients and myself that WORK, please reach out.

Message me through the site or find me on Instagram @hayesgirlhealth and together we can get you on track with your Beauty Sleep, which will help you get on track with your HEALTH.

Remember girl, Health Looks Good on YOU

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